Saturday, August 4, 2012

What a huge treat. We Creative Directed a GoGurt commercial for Yoplait (GoGurt), FOX and Saatchi & Saatchi. We partnered with ADDIGITAL Director Zack Resnicoff and Producer Dan Klein to shoot the spot. We shot it at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, a lavish art-deco palace.

Over the years, we have worked with a ton of great kid actors, but wow, it was quite a pleasure to work with honest to goodness movie stars. Zachary Gordon (Greg Heffley) had broken his leg a few days before the shoot. Yet, the kid was as big a pro as we'd ever met. He tucked his leg into the movie theatre aisle, and though the kid must have been suffering, you would never have known. Robert Capron (Rowley) and Grayson Russell (Fregley) were not only super nice and down to earth kids, they were wicked talents to watch in action.

Saatchi's animation Director Mike Foran worked with DIARY creator Jeff Kinney to produce the animation in the spot. Mr. Kinney was also a fantastic pro, adding to our dream list of creative folks we have gotten to work with on the GoGurt Campaign.

On set from left to right, Pat Giles, Adam Kline, Zachary Gordon, John Catapano, Manny Galán and Nicole Sander

Pallin' around with Fregley! Pat Giles, Grayson Russell, Manny Galán, and Justin Roth

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  1. Great job! My kids are huge fans of "Diary"--actually READ all the books.