Thursday, January 19, 2012

One of our favorite projects was "Trix Toons." Three webisodes, each were 7 minutes or so in length. You could only get to see them using a "secret password from cups" of Trix Yogurt. The shorts were directed by Wayne Brejcha, and Executive Produced by Sean Henry at Calabash Animation. (The shorts won a 2 Silver Telly Awards for the animation team). We (Pat Giles and Manny Galan) Creative Directed the TV spot, the shorts, designed the cast, and co-wrote the shorts with Adam Kline, Matt Gellert and Phoebe Dick. We ended up doing comic books, too (that were so small you could fit them in the yogurt package). Grammy-Winning composer Jeff Elmassian and his production company Endless Noise were brought in to compose the score. Legendary animation director Mike Patterson (A-Ha's "Take on Me" video among his many live action animation credits) directed the TV spot, and "Watchmen" Cinematographer Larry Fong shot the live action spot. Northern Lights produced the post and effects in conjunction with Calabash Animation. Enjoy!

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