Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pat-Man Studios is founded by Pat Giles and Manny Galan. Both have a long career in building content for kids, in animation, comic books, toys, video games, and more, for the biggest brands and companies in the world.

Welcome to our new blog, announcing our new name, and kicking off what we hope will be an exciting year. We had a very exciting first year in business, as Pannylunie. We are renaming because our third partner Lisa Clunie joined Ogilvy. (Amazing opportunity, we are pretty happy for her.) We still have our fantastic clients, Saatchi & Saatchi, General Mills, National Crime Prevention Council, and a few big announcements on the horizon.

It's been a liberating stretch of creative output in our first year. Cartoon Lagoon is our first big independent long form production, check out some behind the scenes of the work in progress. Dober-Man and Pigeon is a comic and short we're working on. And there are a couple of big TV projects that we hope to get moving in 2012.

Let's launch the blog with some reels of our past work. First, here is our general reel:

Here is a greatest hits reel of Nick Shorts written, creative directed and in some cases, performed by Manny Galan.

Here is a reel of merchandise designed by Galan and Giles over the years.

Here is our commercial reel. We are proud of several notable appearances by young actors who went on to great success on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. We've also had the pleasure of working with Oscar-nominated animators, and Oscar-winning Directors and Cinematographers for some very big brands.

Here is our digital reel.

Here is our reel of Comics and Children's Books:

Here is a reel of our Character Designs. Galan and Giles designed hundreds of characters that have appeared in animated series and shorts, including Stanley, Disney's Doug, PB&J Otter, MTV's Daria, Bronk and Bongo, and many Nick Shorts. Here is a sampling.

Here is a reel of our logo designs for animated shows, brands and networks.

And finally, here is a reel of On-Air Bumpers Galan creative directed for Nickelodeon.

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